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Paulson's Tree Service

Paulson's Tree Service

🌿 Unleash the beauty within your landscape with our Aesthetic Pruning services. Elevate your surroundings to an artistic masterpiece while maintaining the health and structure of your trees. 🌳


Elevate your fruit harvest to new heights with our expert Fruit Tree Pruning services! Experience sweeter, juicier yields while ensuring the health and vitality of your orchard. 🍎

Fruit Tree Pruning

Be a part of nature's legacy – transform your outdoor space with our Tree Planting services. Watch as your landscape flourishes and contributes to a greener, more sustainable world. 🌍

Tree Planting

 When it's time to say goodbye to a tree, trust our professional Tree Removal services. With utmost care and expertise, we ensure a safe and seamless process, leaving your property ready for new possibilities🏡

Tree Removal

At Paulson's Tree Service, we have a passion for trees. With over 10 years of experience in arboriculture, we provide a comprehensive range of services; From pruning and trimming, to tree removal. We are experienced in dealing with all types and sizes, from Lace Leaf Maples to 150 foot Douglas Fir.

No matter what tree-related services you need, Paulson's Tree Service is here to help. Send me a message or call now to get started today.


Forest Trees

- Sarah & David

“Just used Caleb for trimming some palms and he is great! Super professional and hard working. I will definitely use him again. Thank you, Caleb!"

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-  Kat D

"We had a great experience when hiring Paulson’s Tree Service to trim 3 very large trees on our property. Caleb Paulson is professional, fairly priced, communicative, and very knowledgeable about trees. He cares about the health of the trees first and foremost. Our trees now look fantastic! Highly recommend!"

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- Thomas C

"Caleb is a gentleman and a certified arborist. He is more interested in the health of your trees, than just another cut and go company. I had one smaller tree removed and offered to come back when I find a replacement to help in the "proper" planting. He also took down a hurricane damaged palm and cleaned up my crape myrtle. I highly recommend Caleb."


Monday - Friday

7AM - 7PM

24hr Emergency Service


Crawfordville, FL 32327


We love to help, start a conversation by letting us know what we can do for you by using the contact form, calling, or messaging us directly through our website.

Get In Touch, Today!

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